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Embrace Women In Art: Augusta Daluz

Augusta Daluz, Illustrator, Brockton, MA

I love this lady. If you were to meet her, you would love her too! Augusta and I have been friends for just about eight years! I have been here since day one, and I can say she’s really grown into her art. Augusta’s form of art is unique— she draws mostly eyes. As the saying goes, “…eyes are truly a look into one’s soul”. Her soul and beauty brightens every room she walks into. Continue reading to find out more about her journey.

Follow her at: @cats_lovetea_

1.1 What does your form of art allow you to express yourself?

“I would like to create hyper-realistic pieces , have an Art studio and a Copycat (business) art of pets on the walls”


2.1 Who inspires you to create? Who are your biggest influencers?

“Ever since I was young Bob Ross has been a huge inspiration for my art work. I used to watch his television channel and mimmc various techniques that he used. My brother was also one of my biggest influences. He has been teaching me how to ever since. In my Massasoit art classes, students demonstrated to me that art can be a hobby. I say this because their was a time where I only saw art as a career”


3.1 Tell me one thing about your journey that no one else knows.

“Most people don’t know my art training came from my self. Being a artist came through many hours of self discipline”


4.1 Can you take us through your routine, specifically when you find time to create. Is it during the night early morning? Are you listening to music? Do you write down your thoughts?”

“I typically do not have consistent patterns throughout the week. When I do feel inspired to create I am usually listening to music”


5.1 In what ways has your art changed from when you first started?

“A lot of things that used to be difficult to me are much simpler now. Take for example painting portraits. Once I learned more about observation, and paying mind to light, shadows cast, and colors, it became much easier to draw. Overtime, I just learned more techniques to help me!”


6.1 What is your interpretation of the concept ‘Embrace Women in Art’ ?

“I say do what you love regardless of what others say. Also be around women that inspire you and empower one another”


7.1 Do you think there are enough resources available for women artists to succeed? Whether it be money? Female art mentors?

“In certain places I would say yes. I do not think there are enough resources in my city. I focus my energy on the internet , nature and myself”


8.1 Where do you see your art in five years?

“In five years I see my self selling my artwork. I want to be recognized for the pieces I create. Thats good and all but before that can happen I recognize that I need to create and find new avenues to expose my art work”


9.1 What is one piece of advice that you would give to other women artists?

“To the ladies out there — do not ever let life get in your way. We ladies need to understand that our perspective affects our creativity”

Thank you for reading!