The Future of Corporate Communication

From 4 Ways to Improve your Corporate Communication
Fourth of the serie
by Leattytia Badibanga ⎸Blog serie
March 16th, 2016

Press play, not pause!

In today’s complex, top-speed business environments, by the time you correct your email and make sure the formatting is perfect; you could’ve taken 45 seconds or less to share your information in a quick video. In my opinion, emails are dated, and a waste of time. It would only take a couple of clicks to record and share a video. A fast and easy-to-use video app would make a huge difference in workplaces. Emails are good, but many people believe that they are no longer an optimal corporate tool. Information is power, and the best way to communicate is by fully embracing new trends and technologies to facilitate team communication.

How can we help you achieve the business prosperity you aspire to?

Most businesses have similar goals: making profit, improving completing projects or increasing market share. Optimizinge your work environment improves productivity and can reduce staff turnover.

You need a safe, secure, and reliable corporate communication tool. Simple right? As I have shown in this blog series you should give vigilant attention to your internal communication. It’s your business primary foundation. By enabling your team to share knowledge and data properly, you don’t just insure their satisfaction at work, but you are making sure they can work at their fullest potential andare able to do their jobs effectively.

What if you went beyond employee satisfaction, and made communication more fun with video? Video allows your team to be seen and heard by their co-workers and executives. By being themselves, your team will bring the most to the workplace and feel engaged. An engaged team and good communication leads to engaged customers!

Executives can now be an integral part of the conversation, something that seemed neglected by the hierarchic structure of dull faceless corporative environments. Having the new technology-savvy generation crowding today’s organizations, use of the latest technologies is a must to stay competitive. The latest trends find that video communication is a great success in organizations. It’s interactive, gives flexibility to your staff and allow people to be genuinely engaged.

Studies show that the social element of online video is popular in the executive suite. More than half of senior executives share work-related videos with colleagues at least weekly. Younger executives are even more disposed to share and consume videos, since many of them are using social media at all times.

What measure shall you take?

After analyzing the trends and the most effective ways to communicate for 2016, we built a genius corporate solution: KAST! KAST is a video-based app to communicate in corporate environments. In just a couple of clicks, it’s easy to share video and/or audio with your co-workers and make the information accessible to all. Communicate with your coworkers as you already do on social media with videos, but now in a secure format. With KAST you can create your own profile, be followed and follow people from your team. Share video and audio content on your own profile and channels safely. Only those with the same work email domain as yours will be able to see your posts. And stay informed of what’s trending inside your organization.

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Sharing information is as simple as the tools you already use in your social apps, but KAST makes them available for work:

  • Register with your corporate email and get automatically grouped with your coworkers.
  • Invite other colleagues to join in just a couple of clicks.
  • Create your own professional profile, follow others and be followed.
  • Produce and consume video and audio content.
  • Access is secure with restricted authorization.
  • Follow relevant channels with #hashtags.
  • Receive notification alerts from your network and personalized news feed.
  • Integrated swipe gesture technology.
  • Don’t want to miss anything? Go to the trending area and see which channels and content are most popular.

Save time and have fun! How pleasant and interesting will it be for your employees to use videos instead of endless emails? Picture sharing complex information or feedback from a business meeting, chatting about it is way more pleasing than writing about it. Employees are 75% more likely to watch videos than read documents, consequently using a video app to communicate would amplify and increase the internal knowledge transfer and shared information within the organization.

As organizations grow and mature, frequently one of the biggest challenges they face isn’t outside competition, but their own communication flow and employee engagement. Whatever your team size, consider what it needs to work best and use its size to your advantage with the optimum tool on the market.

Open your mind to new ideas and try KAST: the Future of Corporate Communication!