Putting the most dangerous App to test.

I just tried out The Most Dangerous Writing App, and here’s what I wrote on it in five minutes.

— timer starts now —

This is me doing a stream of consciousness typing. I’m supposed to continuously type while the timer runs out. Trying to figure out if this will help me. Maybe it does, who knows.

Oh Crap! I ran out of words. Ummm… Ummm.. Aaah…

What do I do?

I have an orange on my desk

Maybe a poem…

Orange orange
what do I do?

I have 3 more minutes
and lots of typing to do

It needs to be continuous or all will be lost
All I’m doing is gibberish till it lasts

I just realised I have never typed continuously with an empty head — ever!

Unless I had an idea about what I needed to write, I never opened an editor to type.

So, the conclusion is, if — and that’s a big IF — only if I have something concrete to write about, would I use this application.

Because if it’s just going to be this long piece of… of… whatever this is passage is all about, well, then it may not be appropriate.

— timer reaches 5 minutes: I live to think and write another word —

To try out the application for yourself, visit http://www.themostdangerouswritingapp.com/