Slice of my life

I love writing, I miss writing, I also superficially think that I am good at it but lately I sucked at it. So Here I am, forcing myself to write to a public audience about my moderately interesting life. Essentially, this will teach me the first and most important attribute of being a writer which is Discipline. Also, I will hopefully find the answer to the most haunting question of my life.

“Am I a talented writer?”

Ah! Well, I will not sweat on that question a lot now. Only time will tell. Adding to that, a little disclaimer before you read further. I do not use a lot of fancy words, my way of describing things and events might not be very gripping. I am can still describe a door in just one word, opened or closed. Though I might over exaggerate things. That is how I think and I take deep philosophical lessons from the most common random things and activities around. But I will write about my day, every day from tonight. Mainly because I have one of the most exciting parts of my life coming soon.

I will be interning at my Dream job at my Dream company in the city of Dreams.

I will be working at United Nations Women in New York City as a Statistics intern. Also, I can do the most dreamy thing I love to do. Rant!! Now I can rant about gender inequality, gender gap and women issues with statistics and analytics. As nerdy as it sounds, It just can’t get any better. Now that I am thinking, it almost sounds like a foolproof plan to never be able to date or get married but I think if a man can pass this shield, he will be a hardcore keeper.

Anyways, I had an interesting day. Account of it is as follows.

My spring semester just ended a day back and as it is required for every student to party as if it is our last day on earth thanks to Briney Spears (I am also into rock if you are already like “Ewww” at my pop culture reference ) , I made sure that my drinks were the perfect recipe for an extremely bad but proud hangover. So was the case, I woke up in the evening with a hampering headache from a one the most cherished dream of my life. In my dream, my best friend had got me grilled chicken and cookie dough ice cream. She remembered to get me siracha sauce and chocolate syrup. I was literally in tears.

Thereafter, after quenching my enormous thirst, I was trying to get back to sleep when a fly decided to pay me a visit and run a quick check at my ear drums also while testing my patience. Obviously, I failed. I was up now chasing after a fly. After my interesting(unresolved) feud with the most irritating living thing on the earth, I was faced with yet another challenge.

There was no food.

Nothing in the refrigerator or none of my roommates cooked anything. Technically, one did, but I try to stay away from her food. I have come to believe that her taste buds are either dead or non-existent hence her food lacks the same quality.

After facing a tragic evening while suffering from a horrific hangover I did what every broke student out of food does. I walked to the nearest store and bought Cheetos. But it all turned out pretty good. I was blessed enough find a place to stay beside a fire — station and it was not until today that I saw any of the actually American Firemen (Hot!). And, they were playing tennis serving each other from the opposites of the street. How rebellious and hot is that?? One of them almost said Hi, but his friend responded and I had to walk away(I could be wrong about the interpretation). Along with Cheetos, I also bought cookie dough chocolate ice cream. It was a beautiful ending to my day.

I know, this all might sound pretty lame to read, and I am especially surprised if you made it till here but that is what you have to do to when you are scared to live an uneventful life. Sometimes life is simpler that we think it is. We are born, we die and in between if we are lucky enough, we laugh, which makes the journey worth taking. When we do not have anything too make us laugh, just laugh at yourself and enjoy the time with yourself!

And, if that makes me want to vacuum like I am in a war and work on my cardboard collection hobby, so be it. I do not want to just breeze through my life, you shouldn’t too. Live every moment, be alive every moment.

So that’s the slice of my life. I will talk about various aspects of my life in the future posts like my non-existant yet overly complicated love life, my take on the questions you are not supposed to ask on a date, what to do when all of your friends are way elder than you etc. Until then stay Awesome!

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