Recordings of DeFi Livestream Conference — Kasuria

We are honored and incredibly proud to have successfully hosted our first DeFi Livestream Conference on June 14, 2022. Six thought leaders spoke about the hot topics in the DeFi world.

We thank our speakers: Philipp Sandner, Peter Grosskopf, Agata Ferreira, Magnus Jones, Fabian Kroll and Philipp Marcello Schuldner.

If you missed the event, do not worry! We have recorded all sessions:

Philipp Sandner (Frankfurt School) — “State of DeFi — Where Are We and What’s Coming?”

Peter Grosskopf (Unstoppable Finance)- „Non-Custodial Wallets”

Agata Ferreira, PhD (Status IM) — “EU Regulatory Developments in DeFi”

Magnus Jones (EY Tax & Law) — “Taxation of DeFi”

Fabian Kroll (Kasuria) — „How Yield is Generated in DeFi”

Philipp Marcello Schulden (Rudy Capital) — “Building Market-Neutral DeFi-Portfolios”



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