Thanks so much for your kind words Kat Quinzel.
Adele Walsh

Glad it made you smile :) writing is hard and sometimes just someone saying, hey, that was beautiful, thanks for writing, can make a huge difference.

From everything we’ve read it seems we’ve had a similar kind of ride through life. Thank you for letting me know where you are writing. I’ll be keeping my eye out for you :) I love a lot of what you are writing about.

I’m going to make a recommendation. There’s a blog out there called the Middle Finger Project. I started following it just before Christmas. I was at a really low ebb, but I was on the cusp of taking that step to do something for myself. I found her blog at random and signed up for the newsletter. I get one email a day from her, usually very short but crazy to the point. Thanks to her I’m doing it. She doesn’t even know I read or that I’m recommending but honestly, give her a go. From her I learned I was waiting for permission from the ‘committee of true and actual greatness’, that they didn’t exist and that I should trust myself.

Thank you for your kind words :) I’ll be posting a lot more very soon.

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