For PROFANITY’S sake! Why do we CURSE?
Adele Walsh

I really enjoyed reading this. I arrived here after reading a different article that was almost diametrically opposed.

I like swearing, out loud and in writing. I think what resonated most with me about your piece was when you said it conveys emotion. There are times I use swear words in writing because I want to jolt my reader or I want them to know that this situation is particularly emotive.

It’s a really interesting topic for me at the moment, I’m thinking of publishing a blog or Medium publication that’s built around a swear word. The dreaded f-bomb to be precise. I’ve been googling whether this is a good idea for about a week now and there’s no advice out there that I can find. This is a new one on me, research is my lifeblood, I’m not used to coming up empty.

Anyway. I also want to say that you write beautifully. I do an awful lot of reading, I’ve seen the good, the bad and the truly ugly. Your writing flows beautifully. You’ve managed to write with grace about what is actually an ugly and sharp topic.

Thanks for writing :) I’m looking forward to seeing more.

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