Writing is Rewriting…
Tom Farr

I’m with you.

Today I wrote three articles. I edited them and then put them through a Hemingway editor. By the time I finished I never wanted to read them again. I was just glad it was done.

Next week, when I’m on my way home from work I’ll pull them up on my phone, I’ll read through them and smile. I’ll finally feel like I did OK.

I’ve been working in marketing for a year. I do most of the writing. I had never written professionally before. Not in any meaningful way. Every re-write had me crestfallen. I was a terrible writer.

But I learned. I kept reading. I found new ways to say things. These days I tend to prepare myself for re-writes.

Recently I was asked to write a video script for an explainer video we’re creating. I’d never written a script before and I didn’t have much of a brief to go on. I wrote three versions of each script. This got me into the frame of mind that no one script was perfect. It also forced me to look at what I was trying to say in a different light.

I wasn’t asked to re-write anything. A ‘perfect’ draft was pulled together from the three I had written.

I think that surely every writer hates a re-write, but maybe if you re-write before you start it could help expand your thinking even further.

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