I think you should write about some of those memories.
Pesky Pippi

Yes please write more! They are such lovely memories :)

I wrote a little about my grandma and granddad, they made my world a better place.

They taught me the names of flowers and trees, they took me to castles and parks.

When my granddad died it was the strangest funeral. He didn’t want people to mourn him. Said he’d had a good run in life and we weren’t to be sad.

No one ignored my granddads edicts! His funeral was bright and vibrant. People laughed and ate and drank. We shared stories and photos of our Bampi and left merry and only a little sad. Though I do miss him terribly.

I love remembering them through writing. I think I’ll definately write a post on it. You’ve inspired me. Thank you :)

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