I don’t care for Drag.

I have always felt uncomfortable when any media does a story about drag. It’s really hard to explain, but I have always felt like the butt of some joke. The drag queens usually use he/him pronouns . This makes them men. I have a point I think. In my mind I feel like “society “ is conflating transwomen with drag queens. The man in a dress trope is highlighted by drag. Those performers are talented and work very hard. But they are men. I don’t think that the average Jane can differentiate between drag queens and transgirls. Drag queens are so pretty and hyper-feminine. Transgirls are not a monolithic group. I don’t wear dresses. I am transfeminine, but not hyper-feminine. I dunno every time I have seen drag on tv it has made me feel uncomfortable. I am the only girl in my tennis league, twice now a few of the guys have talked about wearing dresses for tennis. I playfully said that only if they eat 2 pills a day and a shot in the buttcheek once a week in order to qualify. I am certain that the guys were just funnin’ , but it was awkward. I’m Not dressing up for tennis, I am wearing what almost every other woman is wearing.

So that being said I am going to a show Saturday night at “Hamburger Mary’s “ . I was invited by my Saturday tennis partner, really nice lesbian. I look forward to the social interaction, but I will be ubering in and out. So I prolly won’t remember much.

If there is any interest in my Saturday night I will write another meandering incoherent post.

Love, Kitty

I like people (mostly). I hope they like me too!