Beyond the Unknown: A Piece of The Story

I am currently finishing up the editing and ending of the book. As it stands, I am over 15,000 words. While I have never written a novel, or in the first-person, I love this learning process and the people supporting me through it. Below is a piece of a chapter from my up and coming novel, Beyond the Unknown. Enjoy!

“No, I won’t do it.” Geoff chases me down the hall, my wet hair causing puddles behind me. I slip on the door mat as I try and pry it open. He is on me in an instant.
“I told you no.” Geoff grunts as he scoops me up. I am not as light as I used to be.
“No!” I scream in his ear. Tears begin to form under my eyes and I beat his back and chest. But it’s no use. He drags me back into the bathroom and sits me down on the closed toilet. He swiftly takes off my dress and the rest of my garments. I continue to fight him but my screams and crying have made me weak. He picks me back up and holds me over the tub. I shout when my feet touch the water.
“Alessandra, it’s not even that hot.”
“Yes it is!” I yell at him. “It’s burning me.” I keep my legs close to my bare chest.
“No it isn’t. I made it colder earlier.” Geoff lowers me and I scream again. “Alessandra!”
“It hurts!” Sighing, he sets me down on the toilet. Geoff turns on the cold water again, spreading it out throughout the entire tub in silence. I look at his furrowed brow, dark colored eyes, thick nose, and salt and peppered hair. Then I look into the mirror across from the seat. I have a small nose, light sea green eyes, and brown hair.
“I know you aren’t my dad.” I mutter. Geoff stops spreading the cold water for a moment, then continues.

I would love some feed back from some of my fellow writers. Comment below or on my twitter page. Any bit of feedback is appreciated.

Shout out to Don Wettrick for allowing me the time and space to learn how to create and publish a novel as well as Katie Higginbotham for editing my first couple chapters.