11 Fantastic TV Shows That Are Great For Binging

One Season Wonders that only I watched.

Okay, maybe not just me, but it feels that way.

The majority of the shows on this list lasted one season. This is shocking as all of these shows were actually good! They had a good premise, the characters were well cast, they were entertaining, and some even had something valuable to say about society. Am I the only one that was sad they were canceled?

I used to wake up early on Sundays just to catch the next episode. I was in college at the time that most of these aired, so if that doesn’t explain how good they were, I don’t know what does.

Okay, maybe my college years weren’t the most eventful.

#1 Dollhouse (2009)
I was never a science fiction enthusiast, but this show got me. Eliza Dushku, of Bring It On! fame and how I realized I am bisexual, stars as Echo. She is one of many “Dolls” or “Actives” in the dollhouse. Wealthy people can rent out dolls, equip them with the right memories and personalities and then do what they wish with them. Imagine the possibilities! Don’t worry, their original memories and personalities are stored in a hard drive for when they’re done being “Actives”. But Echo remembers bits and pieces of every personality downloaded onto her. Therein lies the drama.
This show is the original Westworld without the Western.

#2 No Ordinary Family (2010)
The Powell family goes on a vacation to Brazil and the plane crashes. They develop superpowers. Vigilante activity ensues. It's a regular old DC comic.

#3 10 Things I Hate About You (2010)
Remember the movie with Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger by the same name? Well, this is based on it! Lindsey Shaw, the girl from Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide, takes on the role of Kat, the character Stiles played. Kat wants high school to be over yesterday, which is super relatable. As in quite literally every other show about high school, Kat and her sister Bianca have to deal with mean girls and bad boys and a super protective dad. And just as every other show about high school, just as entertaining.

#4 Hellcats (2010)
Marti can’t pay for college. In order to keep her scholarship, she has to figure something out. She gets lucky when a cheerleader gets injured and needs to be replaced. She ends up trying out for cheerleading. Also, they need to win nationals, or the school will cut the cheerleading program. Why is the world of cheerleading always so high stakes? I don’t know the answer to that question but the show did keep me on the edge of my seat.

#5 Pan Am (2011)
Everyone was loving Mad Men, so of course, tv producers were wondering what else out of the 1960s would be profitable. This show is about stewardesses. Little known history: stewardesses were originally nurses. Passengers felt safe in their hands. But then WWII happened and the stewardesses/nurses had to join the military. They were replaced by young women. Thus the trope of the sexy stewardess was born.
In the show, and maybe even in real life, the airlines started dictating what the women could wear and should wear according to their idea of sexy. The political climate of this time is an added layer to the show, at least one of the stewardesses is a member of the CIA.
This show was actually really successful in other parts of the world, even won awards.

#6 Bunheads (2012)
I was super excited to watch this show. Not only was it created by Amy Sherman-Palladino, who also created Gilmore Girls, but it also starred Sutton Foster!
Having grown up in NYC, I knew of Foster. She’s an incredibly talented Broadway actress. She’s won two Tonys! One of these Tonys was for her role on Thoroughly Modern Millie for which she was originally the understudy! I mean, look up her performance of Anything Goes at the 2011 Tony Awards on YouTube…she’s incredible!
The show is about a ballet school, at which Foster’s character teaches. Her students teach her as much as she teaches them, obviously.

#7 Jane by Design (2012)
Okay, so we already talked about my teeny-bopper nature. This show’s main character, Jane, is mistaken for an adult at an elite design agency. She gets to do the work she had always dreamed of, without having to climb the ladder, and the salary to boot. Who doesn’t want to watch a teenager juggle the life of a teen and that of a fashion designer?

#8 The Carrie Diaries (2013)
You knew I had watched this! Naturally, I had to know what Carrie Bradshaw’s life was like as a teenager. AnnaSophia Robb’s hair evolves just as much as Carrie does. This show went on for two seasons. The first reminded me of Jane By Design because Carrie too juggles a second, secret life. The second season is all about Carrie moving to NYC and meeting Samantha. I wanted more!

#9 Grandfathered (2015)
John Stamos plays a hot granddad, what more could you want? How about a side of hottie Josh Peck playing a hot dad and son to John Stamos’s character. Just, why would you cancel this show?

#10 Girlboss (2017)
This show is based on how Sophia Amoruso started Nasty Gal. The show got all of the criticism, and yes, some of it I agree with. But it was downright entertaining. And I’ve always appreciated Britt Robertson’s acting.

#11 High Fidelity (2020)
Another TV series based on a movie, except this one, stars Zoë Kravitz, one of the hottest women to ever walk the Earth.
You have to watch the movie first. They did such a good job of modernizing the story while keeping so much of it exactly the same. The TV show is quite faithful to the movie. The movie stars John Cusack and Joan Cusack. It also stars Lisa Bonet, Kravitz’s mom!
The show is about a record store owner who tells the audience about her top 5 heartbreaks, just like John Cusack did in the movie. It made me laugh and cry and nostalgic. What else do you need in a show?




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