4 cool ways to add value to your living room

Living room plays so many roles in home. Not only enjoy family gathering, watching TV, eating, but entertaining the guests is also a major factor. A right design of living room includes comfortable seating, righty choice of layers, and perfect functionality. It should always look attractive and inviting. So here are some cool living room interior design ideas that you can try in your home to spruce up your room in affordable way.

1. Mixing patterns — Instead of regular solids, try to experiment with different patterns and colors without any rule. Iktas, lines, polka dots, floral etc. these types of patterns can be used in the living room furnishings such as throws, curtains, pillows, cushions etc. This ads some spice in the room and looks eye catchy.

2. Decorative mirror — Mirror works great in making any room to add some sparks. You can hang a giant decorative mirror on any wall of the living room. It gives a classy look to the room and also reflects the lights which make the room look brighter and airy.

3. Use of empty space — You can make use of every empty nook and in so many ways. For example, an empty space under stair case can be used as mini seating, book reading, shoe rack, or can be used as storage space by installing shelves and much more. Not only it is functional but also adds the value of living room design.

4. Curtain — One can also hang a full length curtain in the living hall. The material of the curtain should light like sheer or tissue. The curtain should starts from the ceiling to the floor, this also creates a beautiful partition in the room. This makes the room look bit bigger and classy.

So these were simple ideas by that you can convert your normal living room into a classier one and impress your guests.

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