Celebrating Docker’s Birthday with new Katacoda Browser-Based Labs

This week it’s Docker’s 4th Birthday, and how Docker has grown!

To celebrate, Katacoda is working with the team at HP Enterprise (UK) and other amazing sponsors to host a special birthday party in London! With 250 people already signed up, it should be a fantastic event. More details at https://www.meetup.com/Docker-London/events/236635163/

As not everyone can join us in London, we’ve launched new interactive scenarios covering some of the features of Docker and Swarm Mode! These scenarios extend our existing catalogue of free Docker interactive labs, covering the foundations of containers, CI/CD and scaling Docker to production. Remember, no downloads or no configuration required, just jump in and start learning.

The exciting new content includes:
 — Creating Encrypted Overlay Networks
 — Exporting Docker Metrics to Prometheus
 — Deploying Docker Secrets
 — Putting Swarm Mode Nodes into Maintenance Mode
 — Deploying Swarm Services with Compose v3
 — Creating Overlay Networks

Have we missed some content you’d like to see? What would you like us to cover? We’d love to hear your feedback.