Creating an interactive learning environment for minimesos with Katacoda

Katacoda recently teamed up with Container Solutions and Cisco to create minimesos Online. The aim of minimesos Online is to have a browser-based interactive environment that lets people learn and experiment with minimesos, a testing framework for Mesos.

minimesos Online powered by Katacoda

Katacoda enabled the minimesos team to create interactive documentation, allowing users to learn by doing in a live environment. With a focus on completing tasks and solving problems, the documentation becomes user-centric and teaches real-world scenarios on how minimesos can solve everyday problems for developers.

Each scenario is broken down into a step-by-step guide. By breaking the problem down into small chunks, users are more focused and engaged with the content. When combined with the Katacoda environments, users can instantly see the results of what they’re learning without being distracted or overwhelmed.

It’s these Katacoda environments that bring the documentation to life. Every scenario has a customised layout designed for the best learning opportunity. Alongside this, the interactive environments are pre-configured with the dependencies and configuration required to solve the problem. The combination allows the user to follow both a structured and unstructured learning style. The step-by-step guide provides a learning pathway and guidance. With complete access to the environment, learners can dive into the details and explore what’s happening under the covers and additional scenarios.

For minimesos, four different scenarios were created to highlight potential use-cases. When users start a scenario, within seconds they’re connected to a sandboxed dedicated live environment. This environment has been pre-configured with the latest Docker client, daemon and Java Client for creating and running jUnit tests. When they launch services, such as Elasticsearch or Consul, they can access the web portals to continue their learning beyond the command line.

The results of using Katacoda to power minimesos Online mean users can start learning and experimenting with minimesos within seconds. No longer are they required to download Docker images, configure Java or find the appropriate examples. Everything the user needs to understand how minimesos works is in a single, interactive, location. This has resulted in an increase of mimimesos usage and new users learning about the platform.

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