Very little of what they say is grounded in reality, experience, or knowledge of what actually works.
“Social media marketers” are ruining social media.
Frank Danna

The challenge with much of the manufactured expert category is lack of real industry experience. Marketing hasn’t changed, the tools have. Have experts been a marketer, created marketing content for a brand or product, put a product on a shelf, analyzed marketing data, grown sales for a brand or service? Have they built a company, product or service? In many but not all cases, the answer is no. It also amazes me the general lack of engagement that many receive in their own content outside the expert marketing industrial complex. Do any real consumers or other marketers engage with them? There are so many experts and strategists that post endless crap that receives absolutely zero engagement, why would you ever trust them with your brand. If you can’t do it for yourself or your company, you can’t do it for someone else.

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