“We are all media companies…”

said in a discussion with .

And I couldn’t agree more with them.

However, why do you think that there are some of us who are building loyal audiences that are buying our products and services while others are just “posting on the internet”? Because there is intentionality.

And when I say intentionality I’m thinking about four things that are important for every marketer: a business purpose, a content marketing strategy, strategic editorial content, and consistent episodic content.

You are building a media company.

Every article you are about to write, every video you are about to create…

Content effect

We talk so much about content.

We talk about content marketing, content creation, content promotion and other stuff around content.

We see content everywhere around us. We see content on our smartphones, on our tablets, or on our laptops. We create content and we consume content.

We love to consume content early in the morning when we wake up and we drink our coffee. Then if you are a creator, you love to sit down at your desk, open your laptop and start creating. Maybe you write a blog post or maybe you edit a video or record a podcast…

Robert Katai

Today, your competition could be almost anywhere in the world, from down the street to across the country or the globe.

The first inclination of many business owners is probably that they need to stand out to succeed, but standing out from the crowd is difficult, especially if you are an entrepreneur trying to break into an established market. But there is a better way.

Don’t try to stand out in a crowd. Create your own crowd.

Why standing out is standing still

Standing out in a crowd can be difficult in practice, but the concept is simple. When you draw attention to your company, potential…

how to communicate with your graphic designer

Graphic design is a field that is easy to overlook when it is good and hard to ignore when it is bad.

Good designs help companies communicate clearly to their customers. Some designs even become iconic.

But a successful design requires more than just hiring a talented artist.

The key is communication.

Give your designer the right information to tailor his designs to your unique circumstances. To create the look you want, your graphic designer needs to understand your company and your target audience.

Staying true to your identity

Every company has its own identity, and your identity affects the image that your graphic designer…

Transylvania. When you think of it you think of Dracula, beheadings, and spooky castles in the mist.

The reality is far less scary — and far more beautiful.

Transylvania is a district of rolling hills and deep forests. It holds one of the world’s largest salt mines, a strange place that has been used for centuries as a sanitarium and source of seasoning.

And it is also home to Gabriel Ciordaș, one of Romania’s unsung entrepreneurs.

In 2004, Gabriel Ciordas created Jumpeye, a company that used to develop a series of important Flash tools. Many animators and Web designers found…

The podcast industry is booming.

Everybody is eager to jump onto this bandwagon with eyes closed because they’ve already missed the YouTube or Instagram rush. People who started creating audio content back in the day, when podcasting was just a hobby on par with blogging, are already reaping the results.

And guess what? They’re also telling everyone how podcasting worked well for them, why people should start their own today, and what advantages you’ll get if you start recording and producing your own shows right now.

Currently there are hundreds of reasons to start your own podcast. In fact, it…

Bandersnatch vs Bannersnack

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’re probably familiar with Bandersnatch, the interactive film created by Netflix that weirded out the world a few months ago.

When that movie came out something crazy happened. My company, Bannersnack, got an amazing boost.

Here’s why and how we used this odd situation to our advantage.

Let’s Rewind Back to December 2018

On December 27th, Netflix announced it was going to release their latest Black Mirror film, Bandersnatch.

Naturally, people started looking into this big news by typing “bandersnatch” in Google’s search bar.

That was when Sergiu, our SEO manager, spotted something rather peculiar.

He typed in “bandersnatch”…

Illustration designed by Anita Molnar

We all want to have a powerful brand, right? Regardless the fact that we are promoting a personal brand or a company brand.

Why? Well, branding is the only thing that has the power to distinguish your company/product/yourself from the competition.

Think about the reasons why some many people are into — and loving/supporting — Apple, while others are into Microsoft, Google or Samsung. …

Bannersnack office

When I look back at my own professional career, I can see that I made some huge steps during the process. In fact, it is interesting to see how I changed my behaviour and my perspective about what I’m doing now and what I’ve done back in the days when I wrote an article that I’m the Brand Evangelist for Bannersnack.

Times changed. The company is growing bigger and our product is used by more and more users. This means that it requires more devs, more designers and also more people working within the marketing team.

Therefore, due to the…

Robert Katai

Have you ever been in that spot when you wanted to create a type of content? But then you had the idea that you have to spend too much time on it and there is too much content outside that you must consume?

Or have you ever thought about the idea that you want to consume a video, or read a blog? But then once again, you think that you spend too much time consuming and you must create?

If so, it means you are in the same spot as me and other content creators. …

Robert Katai

Content Strategist & Product Marketer at Creatopy

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