Stop doing the old things just because you have to do them.

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I believe in learning new things and being specialized in a specific strategy or instrument. I admit, I’m not good in Adwords and I really don’t want to learn more about it. Also, I know that I’m not a good SEO or an analytics guy. I understand the power of these instruments and I respect the ones who are doing it.

I’ve started looking a little more at analytics after I learned from my colleague how can I do my job to increase more value for the brand.

And this is my personal life statement too. If my car is broken, I’m going to a mechanic. If my laptop is down, I’m calling the service.

But we can learn new things in our area and we can get a deeper knowledge in our professional development.

Learning in depth more than wide, is even better.

Marketing is changing every day, with new tools, trends and cultures.

And the thing is that time is changing so fast and apps and social networks are coming with new features that we, as marketers, need to stay with our head in the game and get a little dirty on our hand to start leveraging some results.

Nobody even knew a few months ago that Facebook will have a word to say in the video live streaming. Or nobody talked about how Instagram will launch a new feature that is just like the Snapchat stories.

But then, there is thing I heard from a podcast that Joe and Robert are doing weekly — stop doing things when you want to start doing new things!

For example, at Bannersnack, we started a podcast series for designers and advertisers, called “The Snack Podcast” . That was a weekly podcast where my colleague wrote, recorded and promoted. But after 25 episodes we didn’t see any results. Only a few views and a few social shares. Maybe we didn’t make anything we could to make it better. Maybe there is not enough space for this kind of podcast. Or maybe our community just doesn’t want to listen podcasts. So we stopped.

We stopped doing podcasts and we started looking at what we are good at and we are working to be the best at it.

And other new strategies and instruments came in our court. So we embraced the new and stop doing the old ones, for example, the podcast.

Looking at the today’s marketer, is kind of hard to work with all of these elements today and to increase results. More features, more instruments need more power (human resources and money). But if you want the new things and you don’t want to invest, don’t think that you will get better results.

In one of my last articles I explained why we need all the instrument and strategies in marketing today, and I still believe in that statement. But if we want to get better results with all these instruments, we need to invest more resources (human or money).

One simple marketer can’t be the best analytic guy, the great social media guy, the special designer and also the on duty customer service one.

And you can’t say “During my time, we were the marketer, we designed the package, we sold the product and we had better results!” Ok, but in your time there were social networks, mobile phone with strong memories, 4G Internet, customers who don’t have time and so many instruments? I bet you not.

Everybody will ask from you to do the the new trendy feature that is popular on every blog but also let’s not forget the old things you are doing every day and you don’t see any result, because somebody asked you to do it.

Stop doing the old things just because you have to do them.

If it can’t be measured, if it’s not increasing any results for your brand, stop doing it right now! Maybe your Pinterest page is not worthy for your brand but you are doing it because the other marketer before you had done it. You?

So, before you start using new instruments in your marketing strategy, let’s get rid of the old ones and see which ones are driving us results and which ones don’t!

Working hard is working smart.

Originally published at on August 22, 2016.