WEB SERVICE TESTING - Setting up API testing project

Web services are specific services that can be published and called over the Web by client applications. Katalon Studio supports functional testing of Web services. Via this topic, Katalon Studio team will provide an overview of how to setup the tool for Web service testing.

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Proxy Settings

Proxy can be configured at Preferences > Proxy. These settings affects both WebUI and Web service test execution.


Certificate settings

Users may find their computers in a network that requires certification setup in order to access the Internet.

Katalon Studio supports the capability to bypass certificate validation so that users with a restricted network policy can work with Katalon Studio as usual. This setting can be found at Project > Settings > Network and it affects both WebUI and Web service testing.

External Libraries

You may use external libraries in your test project. Go to Project > Settings > External Libraries to add new or remove existing libraries for Katalon Studio. External libraries are stored in Katalon Studio’s Drivers folder.

  • Add: Click to add your external libraries. The selected libraries will be copied to Katalon Studio’s Driversfolder.
  • Remove: Click to remove existing libraries. They will be removed from Katalon Studio’s Drivers folder.

The added libraries can be imported and referenced in the Script View of Katalon Studio:

For further instructions and help, please refer to Katalon User Guide or Katalon Forum

Source: Setting up API testing project

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