Challenging Experience

In recent weeks I’ve been living on the edge. It has been all about learning new skills, taking tests and struggling to meet deadlines.As I am writing this I am on a deadline I am working to meet. Lately, I have been on a marathon, always something new to do and not enough time

It’s exciting to see just how many forums on coding and programming are out here. I feel like I’ve been living in a bubble and my eyes have just been opened to a new world. The willingness for fellows out here to help out on a code and in such a short period of time is quite impressive as compared to my experiences in the real world.

Andela so far has been quite an experience and just when you feel like you are catching up and getting the hang of it, that’s when you realize just how little you know. The learning experience is quite intense and “marathon” to me is what best describes it, a bomb after another. I must say it is exciting as it is scary.

Day one and yet I sound like I’ve been here for months, I might as well have been. The learning trajectory for the couple of hours I was there does not compare in any way to my day to day, not by a long shot.

Learning a tremendous amount of concepts has taught me to see life in a new light, to view challenges as experiences and as a chance to grow and realize how big the universe is in terms of ideas and networks.

Being a lady has been my excuse for the longest time to do just fine, just enough, good and not great or to the very best of myself or ‘outbest’ my best.You join a community such as this and realize how ladies have pushed themselves to be overachievers and brilliant at everything they commit to. How they’ve devoted their time and energy to progress their abilities and strengths and perfect their craft.

All this challenge talk only has three things that make it work; passion, commitment, and the right attitude or mindset. Passion and commitment always go hand in hand. Attitude makes it work. The belief that I don’t know but I’m willing and I know I can learn and be brilliant at a particular task is very the core principle of expertise. Not the best context but “mind over matter” drives the point home

But of these challenges, sharing the knowledge acquired and learnt is by far the most amazing. It’s what makes the learning cycle work and what creates new ideas in the world. It’s what challenges us to be the best version of ourselves and to work together towards solving world problems.

“With an acceptance rate of 1% Andela is arguably one of the most selective training programs in the world. In comparison, Harvard admits 6% of applicants and Princeton 7.4%. The training is four years long and starts with an online application, after which candidates take aptitude and skills tests.” CNN