Katana Announces $5 Million Seed Round Led By Framework Ventures


We’re thrilled to finally announce our $5 million seed round to the Samurai community led by the amazing team at Framework Ventures!

Several other top funds also participated in the round including the esteemed Founder’s Fund, Electric Capital, Proto Fund, Coinbase Ventures, Alameda Research, Solana Ventures, Reverie, Amber Group, CMS, MGNR, and QCP. The round also saw participation from well-respected angels including Jason Choi, Darren and Daryl Lau, Chris McCann, Zaheer Ebtikar from Split Capital, Joey Santoro, and many others.

Decision To Fundraise

This round, raised in November 2021, marks Katana’s first fundraise and we could not be happier with the names we have brought around the table. While we did not necessarily need to raise funding, the decision primarily came down to two questions:

  1. Can the right strategic partners add outsized value to the protocol’s success?
  2. Will the capital enable us to reach scale much quicker?

After some contemplation, we decided the answer to both questions was a resounding yes. We thus proceeded with the raise after the conclusion of the hackathon, optimizing for strategic partners across the board who could add unique value in their respective areas of expertise.

Use Of Funds

The funding will be used to rapidly scale the organization and build out the dream team for growing Katana into a yield generation powerhouse.

While our funding situation has changed, the vision remains very much the same: Katana looks to revolutionize asset management and become the de facto yield generation layer for DeFi.

Join The Team

We are hiring across all business verticals. If our mission speaks to you and you are open to exploring new opportunities, check out our job board or email us at jobs@katana.so.

We look forward to hearing from you and continuing our journey to become the premium yield generation layer for DeFi together.

Cheers, Samurai 🥷🏽




Katana is the premier protocol for structured products and automated vault strategies on Solana

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Katana is the premier protocol for structured products and automated vault strategies on Solana

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