Do Something Fun

My best friend has never picked up a paint brush before. I paint all the time, and he compliments me, but this past weekend I asked him to paint with me. It was a lot of fun; my favorite things to paint are usually animals and abstract portraits — I tried to do something a little different and paint a universe scenery. It turned out awful, but the process was fun. I was really proud of Ashton — he painted a bird silhouette (and gave it to his mom as a present… she loved it!)

Mind Map (image)

I first made my mind map on paper, and then transferred it to the digital version.

Mind Map (digitization)

Suggested Themes

  • Emotional Health — Means of Outlets
    I think this is a very important area to explore because handling emotions in a healthy manner is very important to learn. This subcategory also allows for a lot of ideas to be explored because there are many outlets a person can find — whether its sports or arts or music or journaling.
  • Mental Health — Yoga and Meditation
    Yoga and meditation are becoming more and more popular and studies repeatedly show how good it is for mental health. It calms a person and teaches stress management, which as college students, is very useful to have. Your stress levels have a huge impact on your overall health, as too much stress can lead to unhealthy choices and mannerisms.
  • Exercise — Outdoorsy Activities
    Exercise is good for both physical health and mental health. However, personally I believe that exercising outdoors is the best of both worlds. Being in nature clears the mind and can help a person become more focused. Being more focused leads to clear decision making, and once again, less stress.

10 Silly Ideas:

Nose-Shaped Kleenex Box: pull your kleenexes straight from the nostrils! :)
This headband’s leaves will change colors when it’s time for you to wash your hair…
A dumbbell made of donuts, that will also calculate how many you’ve burned off
The Body-Positive Door: your closet will not unlock until you say 3 things you love about yourself
Your personal Michelle Obama trainer — A robot that will walk you through workouts (specifically arms!!)
A doctor pez-dispenser that will spit out your meds every morning
Dancing is such a good outlet — this shoe will play music depending on how fast you’re moving and will keep the beat goin’.
This “microwave” won’t cook your food.. but it will look at the ingredients you place inside and give you a recipe to make!
This belt will look for a food baby and tell you to stop eating
This trampoline bed will wake you up in the morning with a few light bounces
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