Starting with travellers’ needs and attitudes to time awareness, navigation, automation, privacy and trust

Illustration by Katarina Medic

Have you ever wondered how a train journey would feel like if it was operated by a startup? Or if public transport would adapt to the needs of an individual?

Our team at Adaptive Lab explored the future of train travel experience in the UK through the lens of travellers. How might interactions with travel services play out in the connected environment of the future?

Running large infrastructure projects is quite different from developing digital services. Requests for planning permissions start early and the elements included or excluded from these plans inevitably end up defining the services when they launch.

Designing with uncertainty

At Adaptive Lab, we’ve recently been on a journey with a major global bank to help them establish the foundations of a design system and introduce new ways of working. Based on our learnings, I describe reasons for investing in design systems and some initial steps you need to take.

Illustration by Katarina Medic

Managing design in a large global organisation is hard. Teams now consist of diverse people and skillsets. They collaborate from different locations on many products or are remotely working on the same product.

The number of tools used during the design process is also growing, with companies like Sketch, Abstract

Katarina Medic

Writing about now & tomorrow✨ Product Design @babylonhealth

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