How To Be An Irresistible Woman With Self-Knowledge And Self-Awareness

The more self-aware you are, the more irresistible you become. One of the hallmarks of self-awareness is the capacity to distinguish between judgment and discernment.

All I ever teach is for you to become whole because the path to wholeness and holiness is one and the same. Wholeness is about embracing every part of ourselves: the saint and the sinner, the prude and the promiscuous, the selfish and the selfless.

Judgment is based on prejudice so it’s about you even when what you judge maybe right. Discernment is based on understanding and direct seeing so it’s about “what is.” You will know the difference through your emotional reaction. Two people can say the same thing about someone, one will be judgment and the other will be discernment based on those two’s internal experiences.

There is resistance in judgment. There is only acceptance in discernment. So check with yourself each time you make a value/moral assessment of someone, do you feel resistance or not? If you do, that is your shadow side right there just lurking. Moral judgment is in the way of clarity. It diminishes the capacity for direct seeing.

You will become more irresistible, naturally, when you grow in self-awareness. With self-awareness you’ll be less prone to be swayed by negative emotions that usually come from judgment.

In judgment there is a tacit assumption of being better than the other person, or at least you’re trying to convince yourself that you are better but a lot of times you don’t really believe it hence you feel resistance in you. Watch that resistance, where does that come from?

It comes from trying to justify your assessment of the other person (and thus, yourself).

This is why judgment is about you because the motive is about feeling better about oneself. It’s about self-aggrandizement/elevation in the act of putting down another person. There is something unresolved that this other person triggers/stirs up inside of you.

Discernment, on the other hand, isn’t self-motivated hence it’s about “what is.” If it’s not accurate then it will just be an “inaccurate assessment” based on incomplete information.

There is “I” -lots of it” in judgment and there is no “I” in discernment. Judgment implies resistance (cause you resist the denied aspects of yourself that you project unto the other person) and discernment implies acceptance (understanding always leads to surrendering to reality).

There is, thus, no “I” in acceptance and “I” creeps in in resistance, both figuratively and literally.

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