Orange — Foster My Plug 2 Usage Through Augumented Reality


Connected objects are increasingly becoming a major component in the technology world and are destined to become widespread in everyday life, as they will not only impact life for users, but will simultaneously become challenges and opportunities for all entities desiring to invest in them. By 2020, it is estimated that ownership of connected objects will be 15 items per person.

Orange has taken great strides in the domain of connected objects, most notably through its ambitious Essential2020, a plan that features a commitment to invest €15 billion in networks by 2018, a focus on customer experience, and a desire to provide a unique customer experience through digital services to as many people as possible. Having released several items such as Homelive and My Plug 2, Orange is determined to position itself as a serious competitor in that line of product. As such, My Plug 2 aligns itself perfectly with Orange’s desire to be more connected.

As My Plug 2 represents a new product category, customers are not accustomed enough to interacting with it and using the whole range of functionalities available. In order to ensure customers fully benefit from the advantages of the plug, it is key to educate them about the performance and reliability of the object and guarantee that it can fulfill its promises. The need for support and education on the use is evident and requires a pragmatic and broad approach to cater to the largest array of customers possible. This project is aimed at fulfilling that goal.


Orange is facing difficulties in making its customers actually use the My Plug 2 they have acquired. Therefore, developing an augmented reality approach appeared judicious to foster usage in an innovative way. To this end, the purpose of the project is to address the needs and wants that we identified as customer insights via ethnographic and in-store research.

  • I want to know which home appliances I should connect with My Plug 2

According to our research, customers have difficulty in identifying which home devices they should control and monitor in priority within their domestic environment to benefit from My Plug 2 functionalities the most.

  • I expect clear instructions on how to set-up My Plug 2 and I want to have easy accessible post-purchase service from Orange.

As indicated via online customer feedback research for My Plug 2, customers are currently experiencing issues with a complicated process of the device set-up. Additionally, customers tend to complain on post-purchase customer service that does not support their inquiries and technical issues to the right extent.

Project Description

Customer focus is the cornerstone of My Plug 2 experience that we would like to create in order to boost the device usage frequency and make the buyers discover new ways to use it. Addressing consumer insights, the concept would revolve around the increase in experimental aspect of home connected object as well as help in supporting the client throughout the path of use — product installation, interaction and post-purchase support.

The target we are directing the concept to (our PERSONA) are technology-savvy young professionals and families who value their work-life balance and like to have control over their home life. They are always connected hence they search for versatile and interactive solutions in their daily routines.

Concept 1: Home Delight: Virtual Home Tour with Google Cardboard

As My Plug 2 is an interactive and connected device itself, we want to design the discovery of the product as interactive as possible. Our proposal is to offer the customer a delightful path of different My Plug 2 uses via Google cardboard assisted experience. Visualizing possible scenarios of device application at home would inspire customers to experiment with this connected object.

The consumer story of the concept is as following:

  1. Surprise the consumer with Google cardboard being attached to the My Plug 2 packaging box as an add-on for boosting the experimental part of product interaction.
  2. Make the customer install the AR Orange mobile application that would support the interactive journey via Google cardboard. By placing the phone in Google “glasses”, customer will be able to view the home environment, mirrored by the phone camera in front of them!
  3. Before starting the interactive journey with Google cardboard serving as virtual eyes, the customer will have the option of choosing two different pathways of their experience: tour focusing on energy consumption or safety.
  4. Depending on the path chosen, customers will approach home devices that they might be interested in having control over with the use of My Plug 2. Then, after prompting the left-hand side button of Google Cardboard, the mobile AR application will animate the device giving recommendation on whether it is relevant or not to use My Plug 2. All in the real-virtual environment mirrored in front of consumer eyes!
  5. After scanning several devices with Google cardboard and continuing the devices exploration journey, customers will receive a recap on their mobile app. It will contain recommendations and tailored best practices on which scanned appliances are suitable for using My Plug 2, depending on exploration mode chosen in the beginning (“My Plug 2 improve energy consumption” or “Safety with My Plug 2”).

In general, the My Plug 2 Interactive Tour with Google cardboard assists customers in choosing among variety of available objects. It boosts awareness of available options for My Plug 2 and enables experimental journey that is tailored to consumers’ needs and conducted at the comfort of their own home.

Concept 2: Responsive mobile app for easy set-up and customer assistance for My Plug 2

Referring to collected consumer insights, My Plug 2 users usually encounter issue with My Plug 2 installation and post-purchase technical problems handling. We want to resolve this matter by designing a responsive mobile app to accompany customer through these steps.

Based on our in-store research, customers experience difficulties with assistance of sales people, hence we want to address this problem by transferring as much knowledge sharing into a mobile application format as possible.

  1. Installation process via My Plug 2 mobile app

With our concept proposal, customers will be guided through the whole installation process directly from the mobile app. Instead of reading the complicated print manual, customer will simply get basic information of device options, receive instructions on set-up steps and finally activate the account directly from mobile app environment.

2. I have a problem — issue identification tool and resolution recommendations through My Plug 2 mobile app

In case of technical issues of My Plug 2, instead of going directly to the store or calling customer service line to get assistance, customers will be able to walk through simple problem detection path and resolution proposals. First, a few questions will be asked to the customer to identify the nature of the problem and offer relevant solutions. In case the problem cannot be solved by consumers, sales assistance will be informed directly from the mobile app about the matter with its overall description. Again, customers won’t be left alone with their problem as they will benefit from quick and personalized help at the comfort of the house.

Goals and objectives/research question

The primary goal of this project is to improve the usage experience by making people discover how to use the product in the most efficient way in terms of energy savings and security. The secondary one is to provide accessible customer support by educating customers about product usage in an easy and personalised way. These goals will be achieved thanks to an entertaining mobile experience through augmented reality, suggesting new ways of using My Plug 2 and thus simplify customer’s life.

To evaluate the project’s success, the following KPIs will be considered.

From a quantitative point of view:

  • Number of downloads of the mobile app
  • Number of interactions with AR and cardboard services associated with My Plug 2

From a qualitative point of view:

  • Customer activity on forums and on social media: discussions around My Plug 2
  • Evolution of the brand image as an innovative one
  • Customer satisfaction (Net Promoter Score)

Methodology and Timeline

In tackling this project, we made the need to lay out a clear roadmap. Below is the timetable set forth by Explora we followed during the project:

With regards to our methodology, we implemented a variety of tools and resources to ensure the timely delivery of reports and deliverables to our mentors. The first step was the brainstorm concepts. This part was crucial in recognizing the issues facing MyPlug2 and identifying what solutions would best help us find a solution. We also utilized graphs and visuals to assist customers in understanding how My Plug 2 functions in a user-friendly way. The final component of our project progress was the frequent updates and interactions with our mentors to insure that our opinions, goals, and aspirations for where the project was heading were aligned.

Benefits and anticipated outcomes

This project will benefit both Orange and customers. On one hand, Orange will reduce the number of enquiries to customer service. Customer service employees will therefore have more time to answer in a personal way to the remaining ones. Moreover, Orange will raise My Plug 2 customer engagement, which will generate word-of-mouth as so indirectly increase sales. On the other hand, customers will be educated and accompanied in the use of the new product acquired. This help will be beneficial and make their purchase valuable. Additionally, they will be entertained by the chance of experimenting with augmented reality, which we believe, will be a first-time experience for most of them.

Finally, this project will bring new knowledge to the home connected devices field by linking it to a new technology which is augmented reality in order to make the usage experience be more convenient for customers.

Support needed

At the current stage of our project, we are planning on presenting our concept through a demonstration video of the customer journey. Support will then be appreciated in filming this movie and editing the video and add visual comments to make it easy to understand. Furthermore, we are considering prototype development within the mobile app in order to make customer assistance experience interactive, simple and quick. However, as none of the team member has practical knowledge in coding, help will also be needed to accomplish it. Our main concept, which requires augmented reality and object recognition sensors, cannot be developed as part of this project due to a lack of financial resources and technological expertise.