Novocaine for the soul

Me gustó este comentario en el video de Novocaine for the soul:

“Let’s be honest: The reason we listened to music like this by bands such as the Eels in the 90s, is because majority of mainstream music in that decade was crap: boy bands, Eurodance, techno, r&b, Celine Dion etc. This “alternative” music is what we escaped to from those corporate, manufactured pop crap the industry churned out in the 90s. We listened to this music because bands back then were bolder, weirder, more experimental, more rebellious and more honest. A lot of this music came from the artists’ heart, passion, creativity and their wanting push the boundaries of what their music can do. And now? We’re seeing the new generation of bands who owe a lot to these bands like Eels than Celine Dion. Younger bands who are inspired by them to take up their legacy and push music further. Back in 90s, this music was our oasis in the desert of manufactured pop. A balm for our then teenage angst. A true novocaine for our soul.”

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