We all know someone. Or know someone who knows someone.

I’ve often said I’m lucky. I’m lucky because when I hit my lowest point, I didn’t attempt suicide. I wanted to disappear, but my hope was that something magical would happen. I wanted a hole to open up in the earth — a place I could crawl into and hide until my brain rebooted itself. …

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When she asked if she

Could wax my forehead, I thought:

What the fuck, forehead

Stubborn and constant

My tweezers do not phase you

Whiskers, you are fierce

A single chin hair sprouted

My friend was beside herself

I have a neck pelt

The light is perfect

Chameleon whiskers exposed

Mirror in my car

If white hairs suggest

Wisdom, then my eyebrows are

Perceptive old crones

I was feeling brave

“Let’s wax your nostrils!” she said.

Sea urchins lurk within

All of my life, I’ve made a habit of side-stepping projects and conversations that cause anxiety. This is a poor approach, and very frequently has led to less than ideal outcomes. I’ve missed out on opportunities, I haven’t advocated for myself, and I’ve let myself and others down.

This blog has certainly started off on a high note.

One of my primary struggles has been with empowerment. Standing up for myself is hard. Communicating that I deserve better (to the person or people that need to hear it) is crippling. I’m not sure where this came from — it could be the fact that I’m a woman who fell into a predictable role, or my anxiety disorder, or however unintentionally I might have been raised. …


Kat Atwell

40-something extrovert. Frequently funny. Big fan of mental health advocacy, self-acceptance, writing and telling stories.

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