On hysterectomies.

And, obviously, the gravest concern — the weight gain.

How can the focus on self-care maintain itself when websites are incessantly reminding women that while healing is paramount, weight gain is lurking and MAY BECOME AN ISSUE.

“Why weigh yourself when you could set yourself on fire, then roll around on broken glass and feel the same way?” — someone brilliant on the Internet wrote that.

I’ve started worrying about this already. I’ll own it. I am so close to becoming a body positive warrior. My intention wouldn’t be so much on celebrating the good, but rather, attacking the bad. Seriously, people — quit making weight gain a threat.

True story.

There are some industries that are just prone to predatory marketing. If you’re a first-time bride or about to become a parent for the first time, strap in, because the vultures are coming for you. Same goes for folks aging into Medicare.

And if you’re a woman who grew up being worried more about weight gain than most other things, oh honey. You’re riding my train of terror.

How do we make this better? By being decent people. By doing better.

Why am I not talking about how fucked up everything else in our country is right now? Because I can’t. Because my heart hurts.

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