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Mar 13, 2018 · 2 min read
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You are a rock star. For that matter, I am as well. Damn right.

I am amazing. I’m a great writer. I am a good person. I love to help others. I’m kind. I’m open-minded. I’m inclusive. I keep trying. I’m a killer entertainer. I work hard. I am a protector. I’m willing to be vulnerable. I tell great stories. I admit my faults. I’m passionate. I ask for help. I work on loving myself more. I am ridiculously witty. I’m sexy as hell. I don’t give up. I push through fear.

I kick ass, you guys.

This is where I’m at right now — those things above are true. Voices in my head want to tell me otherwise, but tonight, they’ve been muzzled. There are a zillion quotes I could share, but it boils down to this: I’m neck deep in the insecurity, but I’m refusing to drown.

Daylight savings can bring out the best or worst in a person with a mood disorder. This time around, I’m determined to make it my superpower. In a humble, aware, let’s make sure this doesn’t go down a bad path kind of thing.

Being confident wherever you can, whenever you can, is a gift you can give to yourself. Do not be arrogant. Don’t be a narcissist. Keep asking questions. Empower others. Essentially, believe in yourself. Or, consider the opposite — how far have insecurity and fear gotten you? Yeah, me either.

I had a wonderful get-together with Debbie Scheer and Jared Ewy tonight, who reminded me that who I am - today - is valuable. Being good at being myself is an asset.

So, try me. You’ll be making a hell of an investment.

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