Day 4!

Surprising to some, expected by others, I am now half way through day 4 of the clean cleanse. It has had it’s hard moments mainly due to lack of resources, i.e. making things like almond butter, peanut butter, vegetable stock, smoothies, etc from scratch. That being said, I really think it’s a good experience for me to make everything by myself and I can know everything that I’m taking in! Whenever I crave things like chocolate or wine, I just try and remember that I’m only doing this for 21 days — considerably short in hindsight. I’m also learning how my body reacts to certain foods and about why I eat what I eat. Initially, I thought the hardest part is eating pureed soup for dinner every night. However, I have fount that even liquid soup can be quite filling and I don’t need as much as I originally thought. To be fair, I eat pretty clean anyway and don’t really eat snacks that often. The main difference between my normal eating habits and now is that I am restricting the amount of food I’m eating and eating less in the evening. If anything else, this is making me learn about how much I should limit my nightly intake.

Golden Week in Japan is coming up, so maybe the timing might not be the best…but I’ve been busy traveling around so much, so there’s really not an ideal time to cleanse. Plus, I know it’s much better to do it now before Ali visits! I admit though that it is difficult to see friends and go out when I’m not drinking (coffee or wine) and especially in Japan when basically everything you have has white bread or white rice! Most cultures really do revolve around food in social situations, don’t they? This I don’t usually mind because I’m such a foodie! Anyway, I am looking forward to hanging out with friends this weekend and during GW; I just really hope that I don’t inconvenience them or make them feel awkward if I don’t partake of certain food and beverages! I am afraid this is the hardest part overall.

I am also improving on making my smoothies and soups! I really enjoyed my pureed mushroom soup last night, and this morning’s blueberry and mango smoothie was a success. I made a flavorsome acorn squash soup as well a couple of nights ago. Both soups were better than they look — just a disclaimer for all of you nonbelievers! Also, you can guess which is which between the pictures. ;) I really need to improve my picture taking and editing skills…

I still feel motivated despite the hardships! Yoga and running are helping me the most through this process, hands down. So far, I haven’t really felt weak or fragile from having a liquid breakfast and dinner, to my surprise. It is only day 4, so I have 17 days left — best to not be too optimistic! ;) Just 3 weekends including GW to go!