Let’s all take a moment to thank Jupiter

When you hear static while listening to the radio, blame Jupiter’s powerful radiation belt. Yes, it is so intense that even if it is 588 million km (365 million miles) away from Earth at their closest point, its radio waves are strong enough to detect on Earth.

Source: https://www.nasa.gov/sites/default/files/thumbnails/image/hs-2016-24-a-print-new.jpg

However, we should thank Jupiter as without this gas gigantic planet, we probably won’t be able to survive asteroid impacts every day. NASA experts even stated that just one asteroid impact could easily wipe out a city the size of Los Angeles. So how does Jupiter prevent asteroids from plummeting towards us that can lead us to our extinction?

Source: Petr Scheirich, 2005 (http://sajri.astronomy.cz/asteroidgroups/groups.htm)

With its gargantuan gravitational field, which is 20000 times the strength of Earth’s, it sucks in asteroids, comets, and other cosmic debris, and toss out those that it cannot absorb. Thus, it removes dangerous comets from the solar system. As you can see above, it influences asteroids to follow its orbit around the sun and definitely looks like it is herding the asteroid belt. (and Mercury is going nuts!) There is even a theory that Jupiter and Saturn, two gas giant planets, ganged up and catapulted Neptune and Uranus.

Moreover, Jupiter travels in a near-perfect circular orbit and will never cross with Earth’s orbit. So we should not worry that Jupiter may someday toss us out into outer space!

Planetbro Jupiter says “You’re welcome, Earth.”

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