A Graduation Letter to My Sister

There are many paths to success.

School has taught us that there is only one path to success [do the work you are told to do by your superior exactly how you are asked to do it] and that those above us determine our success [the professor determines what is an “A”].

But after 16 years, you are no longer in a classroom. You have the freedom to determine the path to your success as well as how you want to define it. As you move forward in the world, train your eyes to look for different paths. Train your heart to create your own path. Train your mind to choose your path.

No matter which path you take, it is important to define success in your own terms. There are plenty of people — your friends, your family, your boss — who will gladly define success for you. However, if you let someone else define success for you, you will never truly be successful because you are living a life that other’s want. Live the life that you want because you can’t truly succeed unless you understand what success means in your own terms.

Since you can remember, you’ve been encouraged not to fail. But failure is okay if it means you tried.

Don’t sit and wait for the right moment or the right set of circumstances to start your life because that moment will never come. Start now. Use every single moment to your advantage because it is a moment you have to do something great, a moment you will never get back. If you wait until tomorrow, you will always wait until tomorrow. Take initiative and take it now.

In you, this very second as you read this, is everything you need to create something greater than yourself. You have the ability to make a difference, change lives. Nothing is stopping you. Go. Start now. I can’t wait to see all the great things you’ll do.

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