Love Over Hate: The Resurgent Left

When you hear the word “PAC” you usually think of shadowy organizations with few disclosure requirements using their dark money to help political candidates get around election finance laws. And that’s usually true. But one of the lessons of the resistance is that we can use PACs for good. That’s what Kipp Mueller is doing at The Resurgent Left. He’s using the rules of the PAC system to help strong, promising candidates win critical elections.

Through The Resurgent Left, Kipp is aggregating both money and manpower to come to the aid of candidates who his community feel will make a positive impact in state and local elections. Need a busload of volunteers to canvas? Perhaps some phone banking? A little extra publicity? The Resurgent Left aims to be the extra hand that can make a huge difference in these elections.

That’s what’s unique about TRL, their commitment to bringing manpower to local and state elections. If there is one thing that people are figuring out right now, it’s that the American electoral system is much bigger and more complicated than we think. We’re always so focused on Presidential elections and maybe the national elections happening at the same time that we ignore the elections that really matter- Mayor, Sheriff, school board, city council, state legislature, etc. The actions of the state legislature in Oklahoma deeply affects the daily lives of the residents of California because Oklahoma can gerrymander districts, create voter ID laws, and fundamentally change how our country is run. We understand that now, and while many people are making calls and phone banking, which is great, there is so much power in showing up.

I’m excited about how The Resurgent Left will fit into our larger resistance landscape. I think it’s pretty clear that they are going to make a huge impact. Check out the episode and tell me what you think!

PS. You should also check out the TRL podcast: Harry and the Kipper. It’s pretty great.

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