Love Over Hate: The Safety Pin Box

I know I say I’m excited about every week’s episode and it’s true. But I am so excited about this week’s episode. If you haven’t heard of the Safety Pin Box then you haven’t been on Twitter. The brainchild of Leslie Mac and Marissa Johnson, this box is ally education delivered to your doorstep. For white Americans who are ready to admit that they don’t know everything about being a person of color but feel like now is a good time to start, the Safety Pin Box is a way to make real internal change. As you can imagine, it has also been controversial AF.

Leslie and I talk about the box, the idea, and the controversy on the podcast. As professional activists, Marissa and Leslie know what they’re talking about. They’ve been on the ground, in the trenches, and in the classrooms of the movement for black lives and more and they are the perfect teachers for people who honestly want to change. The fact is, no one has ever offered a service like this before, and if there ever was a time for white people to start to see life from another’s eyes, this would be that time.

One thing that gets lost in the controversy is how remarkable it is that these two women conceived of and executed a new business in TWO WEEKS. No joke. They thought of an idea, put it together, and launched in less time than it takes more people to write an elevator pitch. And this is a physical product. Actual boxes. With stuff in them. Curricula and stuff. It’s pretty amazing. They even have a private Facebook chat and a weekly twitter chat for their subscribers. Oh and did I mention the grants they give out with the proceeds from the box? This is a full-fledged social enterprise and that alone is impressive. Check out the podcast. Check out the box. Subscribe. Learn something. You’ll thank me.

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