More. Faster. Katches.

Periscope, Instant Processing, Custom Video, Downloads and more!

We built Katch to help live broadcasters grow their audience and to let viewers timeshift great content. It’s been an incredible ride — over one million minutes of video have been watched on Katch. And today, Katch is getting a major upgrade with Periscope support, instant replays, privacy controls, downloads and more.

Katch for Periscope

Katchers have been asking for Periscope support since the platform launched. You asked, we listened. Now you have even more ways to reach your audience. Boom. Currently, Periscope support works like this:

  • Use #katch in your Periscope title
  • Make sure to tweet your Periscope to Twitter
  • Voila!

Note: Katching on Periscope is brand new. Just like Meerkat, you can sign up for autokatching if you’d like to archive everything. #katch requests from the audience will be supported in the next release.

More control over your content

This is the fastest, most stable version of Katch, ever. Processing times have gone from dozens of minutes down to seconds. In fact, most videos will be available as soon as your broadcast ends. We’ve created new privacy controls to set your videos to public or private, individually. You’ll be able to re-title and delete them completely if you wish. We’ve also created incredible tools for sharing — an awesome embeddable player, beautiful tweets and now, the ability to download any of your videos. Here’s a full run down:

  • Immediate availability
  • Better error handling
  • Beautiful embeddable player with no annoying letterboxing
  • Downloadable videos
  • Private videos
  • Deletable videos
  • New profile pages

Migrating off YouTube

Videos are no longer hosted on YouTube. Many issues with Katch 1.0 were caused by trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. We believe long-form, native mobile video needs a new platform. That’s why we built Katch. Check out our new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy that reflect these updates.

Embedded player of @lizadixon View her collection page here:

Katchkats →

Katch has grown beyond our wildest dreams and it wouldn’t have happened without you. Your use, support and feedback convinced us that this was a product worth developing. To say thanks, we’re signaling our commitment to growing this service by catering to more of your needs. We’re creating a place to share and discover more of your mobile video. To support this, we’ve changed our domain name to and our Twitter handle to @KatchHQ. We’ve also promoted our unofficial company mascot, Klyde, to our Official Company Mascot. We hope you love our loyal friend as much a we do :)

Sign up and get started

Whether you’re a first timer or a pro, just log in at to get started. Of course, you can still simply add a #katch to your Meerkat or Periscope tweet and use Katch the old fashioned way.