the gut makeover — days 4+5

Right so I had to do some actual work and actual studying Thursday and Friday so I wasn’t able to muck around on here. That’s a good thing. From what I can remember, Thursday felt hard. I was at work and I found my energy levels ebbing. I had to be meticulously prepared and ensure that I had all of my food ready for the day ahead. That meant Tupperwares and loads of snacks. I knew that if I was out of the office and training at a Gail’s Bakery mid afternoon, there was no way that I would be able to resist their goodies. I definitely wondered at some point why the hell am I doing this…? I think I’ve got to have an iron will to stick to it.

Friday was much better. Probably because I had very little time to think about food. I was chasing a deadline for one of my modules — naturally that took up most of my attention. I imagine the next few days will still be up and down. But interestingly I did find this: I thought that quitting the sugar again was going to be difficult, but it’s not that. Yes, I’m eating small portions of fruits, so i’m not strictly sugar-free, but it’s the forbidden savouries that I miss, really badly. I look longingly at the piece of cheese in the fridge, or think about how good some pasta would be.

Mmmm cheesy pasta..

But, my skin is improving and I haven’t heard that horrible discouraging voice of mine very much either. I have been sleeping really well (apart from one night of weird dreams, where a friend was made of minced meat) and I wake up feeling like I can wake up. I think I’m getting somewhere.

I am not going to write two day’s worth of food diary, I just can’t be bothered. But I did stick to the ‘diet’ and I definitely did not eat cheese.

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