Failure is a human right: The right to education

Fear of failure is fear of an (as yet undetermined) outcome.

When there’s no evidence we will fail, or even with evidence of success, some of us suffer imposter syndrome & anxiety about the next challenge. We are convinced that, at some point, our flaws will be revealed to a world that, in our mind at least, is flawless, perfect & impervious to criticism.

The worst kept secret is that failure is everywhere — it comes before personal growth, maturity and success. Our failures connect us.

Yet, in the short term, fear of failure can be isolating. What’s infinitely more isolating are the personal barriers we create to defend ourselves from the perceived criticism, rejection & disapproval of others. We forget that no-one is perfect, fearless or dauntless.

If fear of failure holds us back once, our silence around failure holds us back twice. It shields us from gaining advice & making connections.

We exalt education; failure is a universal teacher.

So don’t we talk more about our fear of failure?

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