First impression. Alex.

Long story short: I was completely shocked first half of the day, but then I found the main mystery of India.

When after 3 years in Prague we came to our hometown, we were shocked. It was impossible to believe that people can live like this. Oh no, my friends, I didn’t know anything about how to be shocked.

Of course before come to India we read a lot of articles. You know it can be useful when you are going to the country where one drop of water can kill you. But we didn’t expect anything. Literally. I didn’t think about India at all until I set foot on Indian soil. And it was on the best decisions in my life. Because what I saw when I came to Agra can not be described in words. You just have to see it by your own eyes.

But you can’t. And this is the reason you read our blog. Watch this video and try to feel full atmosphere of beautiful Agra.

I thought: ok, I can spend there one day. Or two days. If I am strong enough I can stand there for one week, but 8 months? Are you kidding me?

I read the adaptation takes few weeks. So I decided to be strong and wait. Hopefully this information (like practically everything what I read about India) wasn’t true. In the end of first day I was shocked again – I felt myself great here. And this is the main mystery.

It’s super hot here. It’s so hot that +38 in Prague last summer seems like a joke now. It’s super dirty here. Whole city looks like a huge dump. You feel yourself super unsafe here. Everyone stares at you as if they see a man for the first time. And don’t think it’s a friendly look. It’s super uncomfortable here. For example, it’s not an easy task to find a toilet paper. It just can be dangerous for your health here. There are so many possibilities to catch the infection or be bitten by some crazy animals (what I did, but about this later)!

But. For all that you feel yourself great. How does it work? I don’t know. I hope I can answer that question in the end of our journey.

Stay tuned!

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