Kate Eliou

Assignment 3–3

In Response to “Your Fidget Spinner Is (Maybe) Making You Smarter

In this piece, interesting it becomes a narrative of technology vs technology. While more compact and seemingly convenient tech like iPads or iPhones are directly causing the need to fidget in order to liven brain activity, the technology of the fidget spinner or the fidget cube that is often brushed off as a millennial need for constant distraction is becoming the solution. Without the initial evolution of desk or school work, there would not be such a need to fidget but that advancement in technology produced a new issue that was then solved with a new wave of innovation. It almost is a chicken and egg situation. We wanted things to be more convenient and so we made them as such but then the convenience ruined another aspect of our human state which needed fixing with busying objects for idle hands. And thus the proceeds begins again to make the physical work lessen again and repeat.

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