A smiling young woman, sitting on a throw with her own face on it. Bunches of pink balloons. A bottle of Listerine on the bedside table. You know what I’m talking about. This particular viral storm needs no introduction. It was even on BBC Breakfast this morning.

I have a lot of complicated feelings about what’s happened here, both personal and professional. And I don’t want to waste time going over ground that’s been widely covered already. …

Hello, I’m Kate Brennan and this is the news from my Twitter feed. The headlines: Is this ad fat shaming? Today has seen intense controversy surrounding the latest awareness-raising campaign from Cancer Research UK:

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So: what do you think?

With my ‘I work in advertising’ hat on, judging it objectively as a piece of communication, I think it’s great: it’s impactful and it’s caused a reaction, meaning that the message will go even further (for free). It has certainly nailed the brief of ‘make people aware that obesity causes cancer’.

The problem with it is that it’s trying to solve the wrong problem. …

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“What are you doing this weekend?”

This question, a necessary staple of office conversation, has become my weekly reminder that lately, I’ve been a bit of a fun-sponge. My answer is, inevitably, ‘writing an essay’ or ‘studying for an exam’. It’s been crunch-time for me in terms of course deadlines, so when I’ve not been in the office, I’ve been in the library. I’ve never been more educated and less entertaining. All my chat is about dual process models of persuasion or linear regression.

So, I am thrilled to report that this weekend I have DONE SOMETHING. And that something was visiting the Design Museum (at last) to see its newest exhibit California: Designing Freedom.


Kate Brennan-Rhodes

advertising by day, psychology by night

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