Chasing cattle at Brahman Hills

You’re probably thinking: “She didn’t really chase cows on her trip to the Midlands when she stayed at Brahman Hills…”, but truth is, we did!

Brahman Hills, in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, is the perfect stopover on the way to Durban because it is right off the highway, in fact it is the closest set of beds you will find to the offramp. Fact. And because we were on the way to visit my sister in Durban, we used it as exactly that: a stopover for a night.

As we drove in into Brahman Hills, we were greeted by a small bunch of zebra at the top of the path that wound down to our cottage. The surrounding hills dip down into a small valley where the cottages are located and a tree-lined road led us right to our doorstep. The cottage was absolutely gorgeous, the bed alone is a reason to go to be honest.

(Side note: maybe I have a terrible mattress, because I’m always amazed by any other mattress I lie on)

The cottages are quite big and clustered together, but they all look out onto their own view, so privacy is not an issue at all. The kitchen is great for self-catering and the enormous double shower in the bathroom was super novel for Alessio and I. In fact I shouted: “We can shower together, but NOT shower together!”

The one reason to visit Brahman Hills

My absolute favourite part of the cottage though, was the jacuzzi on the outside deck. I got in as soon as I could to start my holiday right. I stayed in there until I was all wrinkly and it was dark.

Why yes, I am naked in that tub… Lucky Alessio!

The food

We ate dinner and breakfast at Brahman Hill’s main restaurant, it’s got a big romantic fireplace, friendly staff and is not badly priced at all. The menu is quite simple, but there is a lot of choice, and if you want something a little more on the fine dining side, there is a fine dining restaurant, Copper, on the premises. We enjoyed fillet steak and a sundries tomato pasta. Both were excellent!

Chasing cattle at sunrise

Ok finally, the bit about the Brahman cows. We woke up super early to catch the sunrise, and it was absolutely spectacular and worthwhile (I also wanted to fit in another jacuzzi session before we left). Thing is, we couldn’t find the Brahman anywhere!

Sky on fire from our cottage

We drove all about the farm asking staff where they would be, mostly because I had this idea of a sunrise picture with a cow in the foreground, but by the time we finally found them, the sun was way up high and the cows were too wide awake to let us get too near. It must’ve been quite a sight, the two of us stalking cows in a field while they got camera shy.

Between us, we did get some decent photos at least…

Gorgeous flowers and landscapes

I don’t know what it is about tiny flowers, but I absolutely love taking photos and putting them up here. Maybe I missed my calling as a botanist, so instead I’m going to include this little gallery of the gorgeous blooms I discovered in the fields around our cottage during our stay, and of course some gorgeous landscapes too…

Quite a lot of these photos were taken by Alessio, you can see more of his gorgeous pics on his Instagram feed at @alessiolr.

You can find out more about Brahman Hills on their website here. My stay at Brahman Hills was by their invitation. As with all posts, the opinions are my own.

Originally published at on April 30, 2016.

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