Our burdens are not our own:

We carry the weight of the world with us;

Each moment of disempowerment shakes us;

Our veins made of the tears of those we struggle to help.

We feel unable, depleted;


We gather to take stock of the pain, some happiness;

We take off the load, even if for a moment.

We laugh at our weakness and fears;

And at once they turn to ashes;


We breathe again, we can take on one more day.

In this fight for an ounce of respect and justice;

Isolation is the weapon of “the” man;

Community the ammunition of the heart.

We breathe again, we can take on one more day,

And each day after the next.

Original photo of a statement painted at someone’s home in Abbot Kinney, Venice, California taken by Kate Blanco. Also posted at http://www.instagram.com/kate_isms/.

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