More detailed content warnings for The Homestuck Epilogues

Kate Mitchell
3 min readApr 20, 2019

The Homestuck Epilogues (2019) are a work for mature readers, including sensitive subjects. They are a work of great empathy and surprisingly essential commentary on these tough subjects, while maintaining the sudden flippancy and tension-resolving absurd humor familiar to readers of Homestuck.

The content warnings presented as follows should not be taken as a reason not to read the work or negative commentary on the work, but are instead intended as a guide for minors and those with traumatic triggers. These individuals should discuss the content of The Homestuck Epilogues with a trusted adult before reading.

The entire work contains canon-typical language (including gendered slurs such as ‘bitch’ and ‘pussy’), violence, comic mischief, and joking innuendo.

Chapter-by-chapter warnings follow. Meat’s warnings were compiled by Kate Mitchell. Candy’s warnings were compiled by Pip D.


  • Drug and alcohol abuse is discussed.
  • Severe headaches and illness are discussed.


Meat 2

  • A major character death in the past is discussed.
  • Eugenics and fascism are discussed.

Meat 6

  • An underage character winks at an adult.

Meat 10

  • Alcohol is discussed.

Meat 11

  • Depression is discussed.

Meat 12

  • Genitalia are discussed.
  • A character makes a relationship proposition.
  • A character is scolded for slut-shaming.
  • Polyamory is discussed.

Meat 13

  • A character suffers serious injury.
  • Blood.

Meat 14

  • A character attempts seduction.
  • Alcohol is consumed.
  • Characters “make out.”
  • A character is described as “horny.”

Meat 15

  • Death.
  • Characters suffer serious injury.
  • Blood.
  • Vore is discussed.

Meat 16

  • Headaches and serious illness are discussed.

Meat 18

  • Vomit.
  • Blood.
  • Serious injury.

Meat 19

  • A character is accidentally misgendered.
  • Characters discuss gender identity and presentation.
  • A character faints.

Meat 21

  • Characters discuss racism.
  • An animal is described giving birth in detail.
  • Characters discuss fascism.
  • Characters discuss eugenics.
  • Characters discuss pregnancy.

Meat 22

  • Vomit.
  • Serious injury.

Meat 24

  • Serious injury.

Meat 25

  • A character potentially engages in mind control.
  • A characters says another character is their possession.
  • Migraines and serious illness are discussed.

Meat 28

  • Serious injury.
  • Blood.
  • Pica.

Meat 30

  • Mind control is discussed.
  • Eugenics are discussed.

Meat 31

  • Serious injury.
  • Blood and gore.
  • A character performs surgery.
  • Characters “make out.”

Meat 32

  • A character misgenders another.
  • A character discusses their evolving relationship with gender and presentation.
  • Characters discuss coming out and sexuality.
  • Characters discuss stomach pumping.
  • A syringe is used.

Meat 33

  • Rough sex mention.
  • Blood.

Meat 34

  • Sex and promiscuity are discussed.
  • Mention of possible mind control or mental influence.
  • Vomit mention.
  • Mention of arousal.

Meat 35

  • Blood.
  • Serious injury.
  • Death.
  • Mention of sex.

Meat 36

  • A character is comatose.
  • A character is misgendered.
  • A character’s gender presentation is judged.
  • Depression mention.

Meat 37

  • A character suffers from severe illness.
  • Mention of possible mind control or mental influence.
  • A syringe is used.

Meat 38

  • Alcohol use.
  • Discussion of addiction and substance abuse.
  • Sex mention.
  • Depression mention.
  • A character attempts and fails to coerce two other characters into kissing.
  • Kissing.

Meat 39

  • A first-person colloquial description of arousal.
  • Parenthood is discussed.
  • Death of a child is discussed.
  • Kissing.

Meat 40

  • A character is comatose.
  • A syringe is used.

Meat 41

  • Discussion of suicide.
  • Colloquial mention of genitalia.

Meat 42

  • Discussion of kidnapping.

Meat 43

  • A character is comatose.
  • A character’s weight is referred to derogatorily.
  • Characters discuss incest speculatively and negatively.
  • Characters speculate about the sexuality of other characters.
  • Childbirth is discussed.
  • A character’s gender presentation is discussed by another in a derogatory way.
  • Characters discuss kidnapping speculatively.

Meat Postscript

  • Gore.


Candy 6

  • Attempted sexual coercion.
  • Alcoholism.

Candy 7

  • Strongly misogynistic and sexually objectifying language.

Candy 12

  • Extremely dubious/nonexistent consent.

Candy 14

  • A character dies by suicide.
  • Gore.

Candy 18

  • Casual discussion of population control and genocidal policy.
  • Dubiously consensual groping.

Candy 19

  • Allusion to child neglect.
  • Discussion of rape, abuse and coercion by concerned parties.

Candy 23

  • Discussion of kidnapping, proposed by a concerned party.
  • Implied child neglect.
  • Conjecture of child sexual abuse by a concerned party.

Candy 32

  • Graphic descriptions of violence.
  • Significant age difference.

Candy 35

  • Attempted sexual coercion of a minor by an adult.
  • Attempted blackmail of a minor by an adult.
  • Murder.



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