Do you want to find out how to get more visitors to your city, museum, theme park or other point of interest? Do you want to boost your sales? Do you want your visitors to come back again and spread the word about your destination? Then we have a great solution for you!

Are you willing to explore the potential of digital gamification to create traffic and innovative tourist experiences? In this article you will find not only the benefits of gamification for the tourism industry but you will also learn about a great innovative tool with which you can create engaging tourist experiences for free.

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Before we dig deep into the subject, let’s start with finding out what gamification actually means. We used Gartner definition as a base which describes gamification as “the use of game mechanics and experience design to digitally engage and motivate people to achieve their goals”.

From our side we would like to add that gamification can add a great layer of fun, entertainment and interactive learning.

Gamification can be a great method to digitally engage visitors with a use of their smartphones, tablets or other digital devices. Here are some simple examples of gamification elements anyone can apply to engage users:

  • challenges (quizzes, puzzles, making and submitting photos according to a certain task)
  • scores (show your user how well he accomplished a challenge)
  • leaderboards (keep the user updated on how far he is in completing the game, how many challenges he completed, how many scores he received)
  • virtual and real rewards (congratulate and motivate users upon completing a game with badges, titles or even tangible presents).

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Tourists’ expectations have increased incredibly high with such a variety of options of what to visit. It is becoming more and more challenging for museums and city/region tourism departments to keep on attracting, engaging and entertaining visitors.
Gamification represents a great solution to achieve these challenges. Check the benefits we found out for your destination:


Engagement makes visitors remember their experience! Via several gamification touch points you can increase interaction between your tourist attraction and visitors. You can find some examples later in this article.


When a visitor is satisfied with the experience he received at your destination he is much more likely to come back to you! Lets think about a real case. Imagine, for example, how happy parents could be if your museum offers a game that their kid can play and learn about art without being easily bored walking from one room to another.

So satisfied tourists will come back to visit you and moreover will recommend your destination to a group of visitors with the same visitor profile and here you are already gaining not only loyalty but also one of the most powerful promotions!


The outcomes of the previous benefits are leading to promotion of your tourist attraction. When visitors are happy and satisfied they are likely to recommend you to their family members and circles of friends. As we all know recommendation is one of the most powerful types of advertising.

Here is a simple advice for you to achieve higher loyalty and visitor satisfaction. Combine experience design and gamification to increase high-value interaction!



Ghent Grail

What can be a better way to guide your visitors around the city than telling a story in a highly engaging way? Create a quiz or a challenge to let your visitors get to know the location better? Click here to see the example


STAM museum Ghent

This is a great way to interact with your visitors! Use a virtual map to guide your visitors through, tell special facts about pieces of art and entertain visitors with a certain challenge or quiz! Click here to see the example


Presidio SF

Treasure hunts are game whereby players try to find hidden objects or places by using series of clues. This activity can be organised both indoor and outdoor, so that means that it can be suitable for cities, museums, theme parks, castles and any other attractions! Click here to see the example

Want to find more examples of gamification? Check this list.


Have you seen the overview of what you can do with gamification and what you can get in return. Want to apply it to your destination? You can easily do so with Ojoo Studio for free.


Ojoo Studio is a digital platform where you can create mobile experiences. Here are the main things you should know about The Ojoo Studio:

  • You can create more than 5000 combinations of games, guided tours and treasure hunts for any kind of tourist attraction just in minutes.
  • You only need to drag and drop your content.
  • The mobile experience you create is ready to be used by visitors just after you publish it.
  • It can be updated any time.


An old proverb says that “The proof of the pudding is in the eating.” We couldn’t agree more! Try it out right now yourself!

Here you can experience the app in 30 seconds. Start gamifying your content now. Do you want a commercial solution or a custom service? Contact us now in any convenient way for you!

Ojoo is always ready to help you increase your number of visitors and to take the experience you offer to a new level!

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