Our electricity grid is one of the most complex technological innovations of the 20th century. Figuring out how to use blockchains most effectively might end up being one of the biggest technological innovations of the 21st century. So what better way to really give yourself a headache than try and combine the two? That’s exactly what over 150 companies (according to the November 2018 report from SolarPlaza — up from 90 in January of the same year) are trying to do.

In the last year, it’s been exciting to see a lot of the research move towards commercial pilots around the world, from New York to Thailand and London, as energy blockchain start-ups get stuck in working with regulators and utilities. However, given the noise and hype that still surrounds a lot of blockchain projects, it can be hard to figure out what’s actually going on. …


Kate Tomlinson

BerkeleyHaas MBA // Blockchain@Berkeley // ex-McKinsey consultant

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