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I’m not sure I can tell you anything with conviction because I don’t know the attackers personally. However, I have about 15 violent images in my mind right now, and the perpetrators were all either 1)Wearing Trump gear or 2) Referenced him specifically. So, unless you think that there’s a massive liberal conspiracy to wear “Make America Great Again” hats, grab women in the crotch and shout that it’s okay to grab their pussy because Trump’s in charge, I’m guessing they are Trump supporters. Look, I’m not trying to bait you or be a dick right now. If you don’t condone violence or the limitation of civil liberties, then I suggest you do more to denounce that violence. Maybe you’ve got douchier liberal friends than me, but the leftists I know have been posting about the violence against Trump supporters too, and stating in no uncertain terms that it’s not okay. I think the violence against Trump supporters is shitty, criminal behavior. I hope you agree with me about the other side of the coin.

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