What did you expect the cops to do?
Memphis Blues

So, three things: 1) Sure, we don’t know for sure if the cops failing to stop had anything to do with race. But I certainly wasn’t surprised by this account — were you? 2) Can you see that the bitterness and anger the author is describing comes from being treated that way more than just that one time? I imagine this is not the first incident in which the author felt ignored or discriminated against and when you feel that way, over time it adds up. I have not experienced racial discrimination but as a woman I often have reactions when treated a certain way by men — because I’ve experienced a lifetime of that treatment as after a while you start to know what it looks like. 3) Even if you are right, and even if the cops were not motivated by race, if you care about an equal system start questioning inequality and stop looking for any excuse to make us white people blameless.

That’s my advice. Take it as you will.

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