Experimenting with visitor experiences

An alternative visitor experience, which has positive social and economic impact for destinations.

The what if?

What if Destination Management Organisations (DMOs) changed the narrative of how they promote a destination?
What, if instead of focusing on the products available at the destination, they focused on the social and economic impact the visitor could have on the destination — creating quality visitor experiences which have a purpose?

Would it create a more sustainable tourism industry? Would it support the improvement of quality of life for locals? Would it create a flourishing regenerative destination?

These were the questions we at The Tourism CoLab asked ourselves while undertaking an experimental project to develop a visitor experience map of…

“So how long have you been in Oz?” I was asked by the kind lady behind the counter in the coffee shop.

“Oh not very long. Only about a month.”

“Have you seen a Koala yet?”

“No, no. Not yet.”

After being here a month, this was a common remark that had been passed as soon as they spotted my English accent. And I always felt a little ashamed to reply in the negative…I just hadn’t got round to it yet.

How could I come to Australia and not immediately seek out one of its most famous animals? …

Why destinations, policymakers and the tourism and visitor economy needs to take action in the fight to be sustainable.

**WARNING: This article contains a video of an animal in distress, graphic content & strong language!**

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Sea Turtle captured by Tanguy Sauvin

Four years ago a sea turtle and Christine Figgener, a marine biologist at Texas A&M University, went viral.

Now cute videos of animals going viral is nothing new, it has been a traditional part of the viral video plot since the invention of the internet. …

As a visitor to a new city or place, I like to be able to continue to think about how I can make responsible buying decisions, even when I’m not at home. Especially when it comes to wanting to reduce waste, live a greener lifestyle or support the businesses who are supporting others.

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So here are 6 apps to offer a little assistance, in helping you to try to be a more responsible human being whether you are at home or travelling.

  1. Too Good To GoBe a part of the world’s largest community of waste warriors!

Ever wondered…

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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The Why

I have been lucky enough to spend the last year living in Denmark — something I never expected to have the opportunity to do or to be able to do.

One of the biggest regrets about my time at University (Undergraduate) was that I never want on an exchange like many of my friends. To be fair, the reason for this was simple — I just couldn’t afford to go!

A year and a half after finishing my Theatre Studies MLitt and three years of struggling to…

Katie Anne Jowett

Freelancer; tourism & visitor economy/public engagement. Writer for @TourismCoLab Interests: travel, sustainability, life, photography, culture & theatre.

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