The Ovary Eyes

Imagine the gaze of a big blue owl, soothing, direct and with deep understanding.

The message from the ovaries can be many things.

Forever full with ideas of what to do next.

The Magic Eyes.

Women have the true magic eyes, they are not something outside of yourself,

not like fantasy,
 not like lord of the rings,
 not like men would have you believe!

No no,
 they are inside the ovaries of women!
 They are connected to deep and ancient archaic lines of evolving germlines,
 nervous systems,
 integrated archaic links,
 brain stems,
 if you would listen.

For quite literally light is taken in,
 and put to use,
 our eyes almost a distraction from the real work of deep inner eyes that never stops,
 the mind and certain parts of the brain may need to ‘sleep’ but the body never stops.

blue light



Let me begin this journey of body mapping with the beginning within me.

Tune into your ovaries. There is magic waiting for you there.

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