The low-down on how Product Managers prioritize.

It’s no secret that every software company has a different way of working out what feature they’ll build next. Despite countless tools, books, blog posts* and interview questions on the subject there isn’t — yet — consensus in the product management community on which method gives the best results for customers and the business.

I surveyed 50 product managers** on how they prioritize features. The highlights are summarized below.

1. Product Managers aren’t the CEO of the product

In 46% of respondents’ companies the leadership team or head of product decide what will be built next. Only 13% of product managers have the authority to decide themselves.

This supports what most practising PMs already know: Product managers are not the CEO of the product. …

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Breaking in to the conference that’s not just for developers.

Google I/O is billed as being by developers, for developers. However, with some forethought the event can also be a great opportunity for Product Managers.

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Kate Bennet

Product consultant and chaos organizer. Currently at Lab Zero, formerly Product Management at Imgur, Mindjet and Spigit.

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